These words popped in my head this morning and I knew I had to reflect on it. Why did these words pop up in the first place? No particular reason but since everything is connected these days, I have been on the quest to listen to my heart more and more and as I do it, I also realise there are times when I don’t feel connected to it. I feel disconnected and hence the words connect to disconnect came into my consciousness this morning. If I relate these words to the outside world, well everything under the sun connects to disconnect. I can connect to my charging station but eventually I need to disconnect. I can connect to the petrol tank and eventually I have to let it go when the tank is full. And if I look at people in my life, oh this is all we do all the time. We connect to disconnect. We talk, share, learn, grow and then we disconnect for a while. We then come back again to connect and the train of life continues like this. How can I stay connected all the time? How can I stay connected to everyone and everything all the time? There will come a time when I am done, or you’re done, or we’re done and sometimes the world is done with your crap and so you disconnect from the world, you just die. Hah! That’s like “The End”. But what if I told you, you can be connected to your heart space forever and ever? There is no disconnect here. There is no switch. No matter what happens in your life, you stay connected to this part of you, till your last breadth, and sometimes even after, who is to say? If you believed me and you came along on this journey with me, well life would be beautiful, loving, so full of wonder and curiosity, and each day of your life would be lived in awe. In complete awe! But Alas, we all want to come back to the real world, we all want to come back to our intellect, we all want to come back to setting boundaries, and this and that, and right and wrong, and the world ends up being one boring school of life. But still if you hop on with me, just maybe, you will be in for a joy ride, I am not saying it’s going to be all roses and rainbows, but it is going to be beautiful and lovely and fun and exciting and crazy and nerve wracking and just so full. I feel so full these days. My cup is full. I feel alive. I feel joy. I feel peace. Do I feel ecstasy? No I don’t and it’s fine. To feel ecstasy, I can use some substance and I don’t need to. I am happy where I am. Now, I ask myself as I take you on this journey, what if something bad happens? What if I lose my most favorite person in the world? What if my world falls apart? What if I lose all my money? What if? What if? What if? Will I still be connected to my heart, when I say heart, I mean the spiritual heart not the physical one. I would want to be connected even then. But will I be connected? Can I be loving and caring and peace and calm amidst anything that life throws at me? Can I be unshaken and unstoppable even then? I wish to be. I wish to be connected to this heart space till death do me apart and even beyond.

My precious heart, Oh I love you.

My precious heart, Oh How I love you.

My precious heart, you’re all I ever had.

Where were you all these years?

My precious heart, let’s stay connected forever and beyond, Infinity into 3.

My precious heart, guide me as I walk the journey of life.

My precious heart, you and me were meant to be.

And so it is.

Lots of love,

Miss Light

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