For a few moments in the day, for a few micro moments in the day, for a few millie seconds in the day, can you let go, let go off the thought that you have a brain and in that instance assume your heart is the brain. Yes, you heard that right. Your heart is the brain. What happens when you hear the words, Your heart is the brain. All our life we have been conditioned to believe that we must think from the head, take action from the head, set goals from the head, move towards your goals from the head, just every damn thing from the head and of course for this very reason, your heart has shut off. It’s completely shut off from the real world. But do you know the power, the true power of opening your heart, every single day, practicing opening your heart to the umpteen possibilities that exist in this universe, to the endless beauty and mesmerisation, to the sheer joy of just being, all this is accessible when you start to open your heart and stop listening to your egoistical head. My teacher said today, silence speaks, and stillness acts. These two aren’t just some random words, but unless you keep reiterating it to yourself over and over again will you find the essence of the words. Now for that to happen has taken me a long time, a real long time but now that I have finally reached this point, it’s a magically wonderful feeling. He goes onto say, behind every word there is silence and behind every action there is stillness. Without these two, nothing is possible. Silence and stillness is the basis of everything, everything else is a byproduct of this silence and stillness. Feel the silence in your bones, feel the stillness in your bones, let it seep through every cell of your body. Do you realise that all of this goes hand in hand, everything is interconnected, silence, stillness, heart space, all of these aspects of life are one. They aren’t separate. So when we say, open your heart, listen to your heart, sing the song of your soul, or go deep within, it means access the silence within and as you ago about the activities of the day, observe the stillness. It can only be felt and not taught. It can be taught in a hundred different ways, or explained in a thousand different ways, but unless we experience it for ourselves, it’s still a concept just like a mathematical concept. But making your heart the brain, and letting go off the brain for a while is not a concept, it’s an understanding, it’s an actuality, it’s the reality. All we need to do is remember it. We need to be reminded of this priceless gift, once reminded of it, nothing else needs to be done. Everything is said. Everything is understood. Everything is a play. Everything is wonder. Everything is curious. Everything is magical. Even the smallest of things.

Two years ago, I was introduced to this word, Meraki, it came in front of me one day and since then I have tried to play with the word, Meraki is a greek word which means, to do something with soul, creativity, or love, when you put something of yourself, a piece of yourself in what you’re doing, whatever it may be.

The heart as the brain, how wonderful when I heard these words by someone this morning. It moved me. It stirred up something in me. I hope it does for you too.

Silence & Stillness,

Miss Light


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