Every teardrop is a waterfall, one of my favorite songs from the band Coldplay has so much depth in the words and the song is equally wonderful. Don’t assume when someone is shedding a tear that it’s nothing. Every tear has a story, has some depth, has a reason. Don’t negate someone elses pain because when you do that you negate your own capacity to feel pain.

My capacity to feel pain has expanded over the last many years. Today, the pain I feel moves through my body, from head to toe, I allow it to pass through me. I keep my heart wide open and I allow everything I sense around me to touch me deeply. Sometimes, this could mean the music I am listening to in my ears, the sun touching my shoulders or the wind blowing across my face. I allow all of it to touch my soul as I breathe through the pain I am feeling. What is the pain you feel today Miss, I ask myself? What is this intense pain that’s being felt across your body, which creeped in slowly this morning?

As I delve deeper into my pain, I realise, It’s the pain of having loved and lost, it’s the pain of abandonment, it’s the pain of being harmed, it’s the pain of being misled, it’s the pain of an innocent child as she moves through the school corridors, it’s the pain of a five year old longing to see her father who is stuck in another country, it’s the pain of a grown adult wondering if she’s become a child again. This and so much more. This and so much more moves through every cell of my body as I embrace the pain not letting it grip me, not letting it get stuck within me but instead flow out effortlessly as effortlessly as it creeped into me.

Have you ever walked into fire knowing it’s going to burn you to death? But you aren’t afraid to die not once, not twice, but over and over. This fire will burn you but it will also ignite within you a flame that will be lit forever. The pain is the medicine. The pain you feel is the medicine. Love this pain and allow it to move through you. As you feel the pain you’re feeling so clearly, you’ll be able to open your heart out to anyone else experiencing similar pain. With your heart wide open, and the spaciousness you create, you will be in a position to touch the pain of the person sitting across you. Life is lived in the depths of the ocean not floating, life is felt in the depths of the sea. With every breath you take, breathe into your pain and as you breathe out feel the pain of others.

Yesterday, I was in silence with someone and as we tried to reach the depths of each other in that silence, I felt a certain calmness, a certain spaciousness to be myself, a certain beauty was felt in the silence which is indescribable, it goes beyond words and explanations. He went onto tell me that he felt my heart wide open, waiting to embrace something, waiting to embark on a beautiful journey of life, he felt like my inner child was calling out to him and all he felt like doing was putting his hand on my head and patting me. All of this happened on a zoom break out room but the experience left me speechless, and loved, and cared for, and cherished. Thank you to my dear friend and spiritual partner on this journey for the words that flowed through him touched me so deeply. Sometimes, the most random moments can leave you spellbound like the one I had yesterday. Sometimes, people you don’t know, have never met can have a huge impact on the way you see things. Don’t underestimate the power of these moments. Cherish them and love them.

With love & gratitude,

Miss Light

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