• Why not have fun?

    Why not have fun?

    The last few months I have been on a transformational journey, a journey where I have immersed myself in a few practices and into the world of deep coaching. Deep coaching is different from any other form of coaching, where the coach is taught to hold space, incorporate silence, create a healing space, attune to…

  • A dream like state.

    A dream like state.

    Today, as I was taking a walk at the park, a scene came in front of my eyes, and the scene felt very real to me and so I paused trying to wonder where and when did it happen. In a few seconds, I heard myself tell myself, “this was a dream”. It was a…

  • Dying to my old self

    Dying to my old self

    You know that feeling where sometimes you just want to shoot somebody down or maybe ask someone to kill you. Both are fine. Either you die or you get the thrill of shooting somebody down. Since yesterday, I have been on this sort of an emotional high and I am not sure where it’s coming…