Everyday I wake up wondering, how do I want to play out my day today? What is it that I want to do today to make it a beautiful day? There are days, I am very motivated and I get things done and there are days where I just allow the day to unfold the way it’s supposed to without resisting anything. No day is better than the other. It’s all a matter of choice. A choice of how I want to show up that particular day. I have figured one thing about my days and that is, I need little pockets of time where I am just being, where I am not wanting to achieve anything or control anything or move ahead. I am just being. These moments are precious. I do this by allowing the sun to touch my shoulders and truly feeling it, or staring outside the window, or sitting by myself as I take a few deep breaths or enjoying a cup of tea. Yesterday, I discovered there is a name to savouring these moments, it’s called glimmers. All of us need to give ourselves these little moments of glimmers through the day. Glimmers are the opposite of triggers. These are moments where you’re enjoying the little things of life, moments which bring you immense joy and contentment, they bring about a sense of inner calm, allowing you to feel hopeful when lost, a few tiny moments of awe in the day. Why not fill your days with more of glimmers?

Another thing that has been on my mind the past many days is Truth. What is truth? All our lives, we have been taught to speak the truth, but have we been taught to follow our true path, to go after what is true for them, to become a living embodiment of truth, where every cell of your body is only shining with the truth. Your truth! Not someone else’s but just yours. When you do this over and over, life becomes seamless. When you live like this, you are close to achieving a state of bliss, when you live each moment of your day doing things that are true to you as a person, you will come alive. You’re no more in the matrix. You’re no more pushed and pulled by other people’s opinions, judgements, advice, you are what you are. You have discovered your true nature and no one just no one can come in between you and your truth. The truth can be something you’re passionate about, it could be a situation you’re faced with in life, it could mean the kind of people you want to interact with, it could mean where you want to spend your time and energy, it could mean the relationships you want to keep, everything revolves around being true to yourself.

For this to happen, I believe we need to go silent, we need to stop listening to the outer world, and slowly and steadily, the truth will come in front of you, you don’t have to do much, just allow it to appear, you be open and receptive, you shut the outside world, you allow your inner being to give you subtle nudges, you allow the universe to do its work through you, as my teacher had always told me, and life becomes seamless, life becomes easy and free flowing, life becomes a path of truth, where every single day, you’re aligned with what is true to you, you wake up with this and go to bed with this truth, you know you’re being held, taken care off, and even if things aren’t moving at the speed at which you would like it to, you’re still standing in your truth, and truth always wins, always. It might take you time but there is nothing stopping you anymore, if you continue to hold whats true to you, emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

My teacher has taught me, you’re not here to please others, you’re here to live your truth and when you do that be prepared to disappoint a lot of people along the way, and it’s okay. The disappointment will eventually lead to an appointment, an appointment with yourself that will be far greater, far more energising, far more aligned, far more joyful, and easeful than anything else in this entire world. A feeling of wholeness and completeness will sink in.

You decide today, are you going to follow the path of truth?

With love & light,



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