Sometimes in life, it’s fun to do things without over thinking it, without knowing what it’s going to be like, without too much planning, without getting into the nitty gritty of things, just going with the flow and seeing what comes out of it. Being a mother means I plan a lot, I plan things all the time, running a house requires me to do that too, but when it comes to my life and my travels, I like to go with the flow. I don’t like to over think this aspect too. I prefer it, when I just search, click, confirm, and go. It may not be the best place, the most pretty place, but it is a getaway, a break from the usual. a break from the routine and thats what matters. I also have come to realise I don’t need long breaks. A day or two is enough for me to feel rejuvenated so I can get back to my routine and to my family and to my home.

My home has become my heavenly abode. I can’t stay away from it for too long. It’s only been three months since I moved in but I have spent most of my time here and continue to do. I sit by the couch, I sit by the window, I sit on my mat, I sit a lot when I am at home, especially the waking hours. I spend close to two hours with myself and so I love the space I have created. Again, it’s not the most pretty, well decorated place. When i moved in I was sure I am going to go with the flow, I’ll add things to the decor as and when I feel called to. No rush in this aspect of life. No one is giving me an award for the best home and I have reached a point where I am not waiting for people to tell me how beautifully done my home is. My home is more than all the artefacts, or the pretty decor, it’s where my soul lives, it’s where I meditate, it’s where I sing, it’s where I dance and do crazy things with my daughter, it’s where my creativity flows, it’s where I feel complete and content.

But then every once in a way I like to take a break, a break from everyone and everything, just me and myself and nature and a new place to sleep, it breaks the monotony and pushes me to be alone and also love it in the process. I feel I have found myself the most when I am quiet, when I go within, when I don’t talk to too many people during the day, when I sit with my thoughts, and allow everything that needs to surface to come to surface, and I just watch. It’s also a great time for me to reflect, to ponder, to see where I want my life to go, make some amends, see where I am missing out or feeling stuck. It’s not easy doing all of this if you’re in the routine of things, this is only possible when you getaway from the usual. It’s easier because it gives you newer perspectives and most importantly a space to be yourself. And so here I am today, doing just that, away from the city, amidst nature, with a drink or two, some good food, my books to give me company and a whole lot of space to be myself, with myself, for myself.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light


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