Today, as I decided to write I wasn’t sure what to write about. I didn’t sleep well in the night but woke up quite refreshed, not as tired as I usually am when I don’t sleep well. But I know, today I will have to sleep early. I love sleeping and napping. It recharges me like nothing else in my life. When I do yoga, my favorite pose is the child’s pose. Such a cute little pose, I could be in that pose as long as I can, or until my teacher tells me to wake up and move. Yoga has slowly become a part of my life. I know I have a long way to go because I am still so stiff, but I feel like I am flowing these days. It’s been a year of practicing it on and off but today when I do my poses, I feel like I am becoming one with it. I love to breathe through them feeling the breath travel through every inch of my body. All thanks to my teacher who has guided me all the way, and all of it was done online. With me being as present as I could, and she making me flow through the different flows. It’s been a fun journey and now that she is on a break, I am going to miss her. I will have to do it on my own and I am sure it’s not going to be as fun as having her on the other side. Yoga is life. Life is yoga. When you slow down, pause, take in the moment, you truly feel one with everything around you and so these days when I move fast or if I see myself multi tasking, I pause, and remind myself to flow. Go with the flow and rhythm of life. It’s magical to say the least. I wonder why I use the word magic in so much of my speech these days, maybe because I like to see the magic in everything and everyone. No differentiation here. I just see pure magic in a child’s eyes or my husband’s eyes or in everything I touch or come in contact with. I believe all of us have this little bit of spark, a little bit of magic in us and if I can see it in you then maybe you can too. And so even though I am healing, I am evolving, I am transforming, I am being. In the process of life, I am hoping to bring the same spark in everyone else’s life I come in contact with. A true communion. A true oneness will be formed where each of us no matter where we are can come together in the moment and become one.

Lots of love,

Miss Light


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