Today, as I was having a shower, I felt a rush of energy, a feeling of lightness, a feeling like I am free, a feeling like I am ready to embrace the new and let go off all the old people and experiences that haven’t served me well, or even if they did serve me, I am ready to let them go, I am ready to embrace what is in front of me. As I finished a coaching session this morning, my coach asked me, what are you ready to embrace? I said, I am ready to embrace my life with wide open arms. The opportunities seem endless, all I need to do is start, I have started taking baby steps towards my musical journey, my determination to transform myself from the core of my being has been something thats taken up a huge chunk of life, my journey towards becoming a transformational coach, and my ideas around business and leading a more purposeful life. It’s all right there in front of me. All I need to do is start becoming more disciplined and I can see all of it unfolding in front of me beautifully. Reaching this state of balance has meant a lot of hard work on my part. Reflecting on my life has been one of the hardest things to do, purging through each issue that came to the surface for healing. From the year 2020 to now I have come a long way, with two dips of depression and then last year when I was reaching another dip, this time I took my life in my hands, this time I stood strong and was ready to fight it. I looked at it straight in the eye. I was ready to face anything that comes my way. I was wearing a shield and nothing could shoot me down. Just nothing. Slowly and steadily, I started to heal parts of myself. My teacher has been the biggest blessing in all of this, his timely entrance in my life, and me giving his teachings a 100% or even more, not knowing if there is light on the other side of the tunnel, I kept going, I trusted him completely with every cell in my body, I trusted that his teachings and the universe or God will not let me down this time. I went all in. I was ready to lose it all and give everything up if that was needed for me to figure out once and for all what is my life purpose, I was ready to give everything up to embrace a newer life. Today, I have done just that. I am walking a path, not walked by many. My family is far from this path but I have taken the courage to tread on this path alone, not knowing how, where, what. But I have never been more ready in my life. To finally listen to my inner voices, to finally live a life of purpose, to finally not have answers to anything in my life but still not be afraid to take the plunge has been the biggest gift I have given myself. Nothing compares to this feeling. Today, I feel like I have reached the pinnacle, Oh and you might ask me, Miss Light what have you achieved anyway? Did you make a hundred crores? No, I haven’t. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. But I have still reached the pinnacle of myself. Let me tell you what I have done until now, I started a business at the age of 27 that didn’t go as planned, I started another venture in the US but again it didn’t go as planned, I started another business at the age of 34 which never reached the launch phase, I helped my dad in various others projects over the years that never took off, I gave my 100% to my teacher’s community but that wasn’t enough because the community didn’t take off, I decided to start teaching music to children but I still haven’t found kids who would like to learn from me, I have started writing a book but it’s still not even half way there, But the most rewarding part has been, staring outside my window for months together and reflecting on my life, writing like there was no tomorrow on my life and my purpose here, transcribing close to 50 talks of my teacher without him ever asking me to do it, and singing because I love to sing anytime, anywhere, I wrote because I enjoyed it, I transcribed talks because I loved doing it then. So, yes, haven’t done much but still done a lot. And when you reach this point in life where everything you do matters, and nothing you do matters too, you know you’ve reached some point on the mountain. A magical journey to be on full of unknowns and pot holes and adventure and I am loving every bit of it.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light


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