Can the worst thing that’s ever happened to you become the best? Can the worst situation you have ever been put through become the one that defines your new empowered life? Can being abandoned, shamed, ridiculed, misled, ill-treated be the behaviours that actually change the course of your destiny. These days when shit happens. I don’t get triggered. I do get hurt but I soon realise this is not me, this is the other person. This is not me running away from the truth, it’s the other person not wanting to accept something, which is triggering something in them. I am not scared to be vulnerable. I am not scared to speak up. I am not scared to face the consequences of life whatever they might be, most people can talk big but when it comes to really the action bit, they don’t have it in them to do it. I wonder what is stopping them from living their truth. They talk about following their heart but actually they only live in their head. They talk about thinking from the heart but they don’t have it in them to move an inch without bringing their ego or intellect into the situation. So, we have tons of people talking about following your heart, when in reality they don’t have the courage to look within. They’re scared it will open a pandora’s box for them, they can’t deal with their inner demons, and so they’re happier living in their little world of freedom, their little shallow life they have built for themselves. No offence to these people because life is definitely more easeful.

I wonder why is freedom so important to people? What are you so afraid to accept? What are you afraid of anyway? Are you afraid of sacrificing a part of you for something bigger? Is there something that’s not healed in you? And so these days even though I hear people talk, I ask myself, are these people even following 10% of what they’re telling me? Who is to say? But it’s definitely not my problem. I take the learning and I walk away, and I use the same or an altered version, reaching my heart space, knowing very well that sometimes it makes me do things which are against my values or principles but I still do it. I have the courage to do it and listen to my heart. All my life I have never held back on what I need to tell people, or show them how much I love them.

And so the flip side is if I feel you’re wrong or you’ve harmed me, I am going to let you know one way or another, sooner or later, the truth will come out. Truth hurts. Truth hurts so bad, but you know what hurts more, when you don’t listen to your heart, when you use your intellect to guide your life in every decision you take, big or small. When you do that all the time, over and over, you will lose touch with your heart intelligence. You will lose touch with the core of who you are. Your heart is the new brain. It’s time the world wakes up to this new reality. When you follow your heart, you will never be misguided. You will stumble and fall and get hurt but you would have lived your life from your core from source. Don’t let the world hypnotize you into living from the head. It’s a scam and its veil will drop one day. So, when you do something from the heart, when your intentions are pure, and people don’t get it, they don’t see it, because it’s beyond them, God Bless them, you don’t belittle yourself, you talk nicely to yourself, you stay strong to this heart space, you be the rock for your heart because remember, the worst thing that ever happened to you can become the best thing eventually and that’s how my life has unfolded all these years. One magical heartfelt journey!

And so today, as I finished meditating, I repeated a few words in my heart to all the people who have hurt me, not just Love but Infinite Love. By the end of this year, I want to feel infinite love to everyone and everything.

With Love & Light,

Miss Light


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