When love is all you knew, when love is all you ever had, when love is what you thought would save the world. When a small act of love, a big act of love, or love in any form would bring the change is what you thought. That’s what you were taught. That’s what you knew.

When you love with your complete being, when you love with every cell of your body, nothing more is needed. Love is all there is. Love will conquer everything. Love never dies. Love is timeless. Love is eternal. Love is fearless. Love is infinity and beyond. Love is truth. Truth is love. Love is beautiful. Beautiful is love. Is love enough? or Is there something beyond this love? Something beyond this that you’re not aware of? Or Are you aware of it but you aren’t accepting it? What is the state of love beyond all of this? Is it freedom? Is it bliss?

Can I love all? Can I love every single person in this world? Maybe, I could try. I am really not sure but I can try. I am trying to be this loving presence, to become this loving presence with everyone and everything. To be connected to every damn thing on earth without stories, without assumptions, without judgements, just me and that person, just me and that object, me and the space around me. We become one. My heart wide open, my heart as open as it can be, allowing the space to take over, allowing the silence to take over, allowing spirit to take over.

I am trying to get there. I was well on my way but then things happen, life happens, mishaps happens and I am back to questioning everything. I am back to where I started. I wonder why! Why am I still getting affected by all of this? I want to be past all of this. I want to reach a pure state of bliss and love and freedom where I remain unaffected by outer happenings. But it’s not easy, it’s not easy. But I am getting there.

Love is all there is today, tomorrow and forever. What is forever? Who defines forever? Love is infinity and beyond. Can love be defined? Can freedom be defined? Why not let it be and not define it. Feel it instead. Why not let love just be? Why not let love do its thing. Why not let love love without interfering, messing with it, why not let love be love for a change? Why not let love just be? Why not let love just be? You feel free. You feel freedom.

With gratitude,

Miss Light

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