Really? Isn’t my heart already active? Yes, your physical heart is active but here I am talking about your spiritual heart. In the book I am currently reading, A shift in being, Leon talks about activating the spiritual heart. Where is this spiritual heart located? As I close my eyes, and try to find it, I feel an intense pull in the centre part of my body. It’s just there. Somewhere, it’s there. These days, I try to keep this space open with anyone I come in contact with. I don’t differentiate between one person to another. And this has made my life so much easier. It’s seamless. At that moment in time, I am one with you and once I leave and go meet someone else, I become one with them in that moment. I am not always successful but I am working towards making this a living reality. I want to be one with everything and for that to happen I need to open my heart, open my mind and be with the person, object, thing in front of me. Pour my entire self and wait for the magic to unfold. Everything will flow from this understanding. When I am taking a walk, I become one with my walk, I become one with the music I am listening to, I become one with the sunlight touching my shoulders. When I come home and make my tea, I try to be completely present, slowing down and being one with that. It’s not this practice or that practice. I have realised it’s a beautiful amalgamation, a beautiful culmination of all these different aspects of life, silence, love, compassion, calmness, balance, which leads you to your heart space. Once you reach that heart space, you become one with creation, you become one with God. I don’t think I am still there. Sometimes, I feel I haven’t connected with God, but Who is God after all? Is it because I have been conditioned to believe that I must connect with one figure? Why can’t I be connected to God when I am connected to Mother Earth, when I am connected with every person I come in contact with, isn’t that connecting with God? I am still figuring this out. When I go silent these days, which is most of the day, sometimes, I am not sure who I am connecting with and I wonder if I need to connect with one Guru, or one form of God, or should I just be connected to anything and everything. Some of these are special. For example, my teacher is special and so I offer my gratitude to him every morning, and I offer my gratitude to Sai Baba who got me on this path, and my parents, and every one else I love. But then I soon come back to feeling connected to the moment.

Thinking from the heart, activate your heart space, go inwards, let your heart do the talking, all these are saying the same thing in different ways. But it is the most fundamental aspect of existence. To feel connected from the heart. To use your head and intellect only in matters where something needs to get done, where you need to work on a process, where you have some business project, but on every other aspect of life, you can reach out to this heart space. Every other decision, or move of yours can come from here. Trust your heart. Trust yourself so much. Trust that you are being guided every minute of the day and this space is activated. This space is just there. No one and nothing can come in between you and this space. It’s your sacred space. It’s your secret weapon. Protect it. Take care of it. Love it. and most importantly, listen to it like no other. Let the world say what they want to, you just go within and activate your heart, everything else will be taken care off. It’s a process. It requires some work, some alone time, some introspection, some courage, and a whole lot of openness.

Love & Light


2 responses to “Activating your heart”

  1. Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela Avatar
    Dr Keerthinmayee Karimaddela

    Beautiful Rosh…. So heartful and thoughtful.


    1. LightRosh Avatar

      Thank you Keerthi! Hope you’re doing well. Lots of Love to you ❤


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