Not sure why but this morning I felt like delving deep into these two words. As I googled the definition, this is what popped up,

A truth is considered to be universal if it is logically valid in and also beyond all times and places. Hence a universal truth is considered logically to transcend the state of the physical universe, whose order is derived from such truths. In this case, such a truth is seen as eternal or as absolute.

If universal truth is beyond all times and places, in that case, truth cannot be tied to any one religion or ray of spirituality. These truths are the bread and butter for your soul and they will hold true no matter which corner of the world you live in, no matter who you interact with, no matter the circumstances in your life. These truths are the way. So, then I decided to search for the universal truths. Now, I know I can’t trust google but then I found the list below

It’s quite an extensive list and as I skimmed through it most of it did make sense. Most of these truths are like second nature to me. I think we’ve all been brought up listening to these truths and so it’s no co-incidence that most of us will know these truths and would have even imbibed many of them. From the time, I can remember, I have always stood for what is right, what is truthful in every situation of my life. When people came into my life and tried to make me a little cunning, it didn’t work. I couldn’t do it. I rather stick to the truth because it was more natural to me than behave like someone I am not.

But universal truths are something that’s already out there. It can’t be changed and mended with. If people think they can change it, well Good Luck because sometimes it’s easier to just accept the truth than fight it or waste your energy arguing why it is like that.

But values are something you can derive for yourself, right?. All of us have individual values, societal values, and so on. What if we lived our life with these values every single day? These days, I don’t even look at values like honesty, truth, care, or love. Instead I have gone one step deeper and made a list of five spiritual values that I would like my life to revolve around. Thanks to the book I am reading, A shift in being. Everyday I look at my list of spiritual values and I try to bring it into my consciousness. I make each value a part of me. I feel it in every cell of my body and then when I feel it’s time I send out the value I picked to a person, or situation. It’s beautiful to do it. The fact that these values are mine makes all the difference. These values might change but for now they seem perfect to me. Here is my list of five spiritual values,

  1. Infinite Love
  2. Compassion for Self & Others
  3. Inner Equillibrium/Balance
  4. Stillness & Slowness
  5. Deep Connection

Take sometime today and list down 5 spiritual values and each day feel into each of these words and make it a part of you. When you feel full with it, release it.

Lots of love,

Miss Light


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