Agenda – a list of items to be discussed at a formal meeting. This sounds so boring as I found the definition online. And imagine if our whole life becomes one big agenda? Well, you’re doomed to live a boring, robotic life then.

We all have an agenda right. We start our days with agendas. We start our meetings with an agenda. We get married with an agenda. We have a child with an agenda. We attend classes with an agenda. We start a business with an agenda. This list is endless. But what if I told you to drop your agenda. Can you for a moment drop the agenda you have created in your head? Yes, you heard that right. Don’t have any agenda. Become empty. My teacher says, empty yourself of yourself. He starts every session by first emptying himself and then he allows his inner guidance to take over and whatever has to be revealed is revealed, whatever has to be created is created, whatever has to be felt is felt. How beautiful is this? How wonderful is it to not have an agenda with anyone and anything? We can’t do it all the time but sometimes in life, try it. Having an open stated agenda is fine but don’t have hidden agendas because thats when you can really mess up.

When you don’t have an agenda, you don’t have a sense of control. You let go of all the control you would like to have in a situation. When you live like this, life will always be in flow. You will not get caught up in situations, you will not be upset if people leave you, you will learn to let go of your sense of control. When you try to control anything in your life, you’re doomed because God/Universe/Consciousness will invariably do the opposite and then you will be disappointed. So, drop the agenda. Be agenda less. Don’t bring in your stories, ideas, perceptions, beliefs into every damn thing in life. Don’t plan every holiday to the T. Just go and flow. When you bring in your personal values, beliefs, and perceptions into every situation that life throws at you, you’re not allowing yourself to be mesmerized by something new. You will constantly see the same things, same situations over and over again. But if you become agenda less, If you give up your sense of control, you will reach a point in your interactions where life is new, exciting, full of suspense and surprises. How do you do this so you don’t go in the wrong direction or you don’t mess up your life?

In Leon Vanderpol’s book, A shift in Being, he says, first identify your core spiritual values, not spiritual beliefs. There is a difference in these two words. He says, beliefs are convictions that we hold to be true; they are assumptions we make about the world, whether provable or not. Values are things we deem important. Our values are more universal in nature like equality, achievement, loyalty, faithfulness and they don’t come from any particular faith or religion. So, what if you could start living your spiritual values.? List down 3-5 spiritual values that are important to you and start embodying these values, bringing it into your consciousness day after day and then projecting it outwards. Make it a practice. Do it everyday and as you do this your need to do everything with an agenda will go away. Yes, there will be times where an agenda is needed and you will have it but you will hold the agenda lightly. You will allow the space created in the interaction to take over and you wont be upset if things didn’t move your way. Your spiritual values will show the way. Your spiritual values will pave the path. You will become more open and receptive to whatever arises. In life also, become agenda less. When we do this, we are in tune to all the wonderful things the universe wants to channel through us. The magic will start to unfold as you keep embodying these values day after day, month after month. So, take some time today and list down your spiritual values. And in your next interaction, try and be agenda less.

Lots of Love,

Miss Light


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