So, today as I was walking a thought came to me. Something my teacher, Nithya Shanti had mentioned in one of his sessions and the thought was, people can hurt you, say things to you but they cannot harm you without your permission. This seems to be one of the most powerful things I have learnt in my life and also imbibed in the last month or so. For someone like me, who could get hurt so easily, cry at a drop of a hat, this was like a revelation.

So, this is how I see my life has been so far. I was born, and of course all the Doctors and my parents wished I cry when I came out of mummy’s tummy but then this baby which is me loved crying so much that I took this trait for a good 30 years of my life. Yes, that’s how crazy a person I have been. I would get hurt no matter what anyone said to me. It could be any tom, dick and harry. So, you can imagine if my loved ones told me anything. Oh man! I would fall apart. I would carry that thought. Hurt myself. Kill myself to death. All these years, I have done this to myself and what a waste of precious energy. Because I could have used all that energy to create something wonderful but it is what it is. And so I don’t want to cry over spilt milk now. But what I am telling you is that there will come a point in your life where you will say “Enough is Enough”. No More, Mr or Miss. Or whoever the hell you’re are. You can’t harm me. And so let me be honest, even if you’re the most enlightened being or the most influential person or you’re the president of a country, you can’t harm me. Not anymore. It’s done. That time is gone and so I wish it never comes back.

And let’s be honest. People have hurt me, trampled over me, said shit to me, lied to me, been mean to me, and let’s not even get there. People can be ruthless and this invariably happens to people like me and so fuck that shit. I have seen the dumps and seen the lows the lowest of lows and I don’t want to be there anymore. So, no matter what happens in my life. I think I want to be in a state of balance. I’ll be hurt for a while but you can’t control more than that and this feeling is liberating. So liberating that I don’t want anyone to ever give anyone else the power to harm them. Because I know how it feels to fully feel this hurt feeling and let people really fuck with your head and heart.

So, thank you teacher. Thank you for bringing this teaching to me. Maybe I always knew it and I wasn’t seeing it clearly. And so I have arrived. My time has come and I am here and you can’t harm me. I have a shield on and it’s going to take a lot of bullets and bombs to really break this shield that I am wearing these last few days.

Have you ever hurt me teacher? Yes you have and you continue to do it sometimes but even though you have taught me this you can’t harm me and so I would like to leave all of you with a thought from my teacher because no matter what he says to me I still have all the respect for him.

People will sometimes say rude or unfair things to us. That’s their business. We don’t have to keep replaying what they said in our hearts the rest of the day/month/year. That’s our business. NS

Yours truly,

Miss Light

2 responses to “You can be hurt, but can’t be harmed.”

  1. theguramar Avatar

    Miss light, you have no idea how big a blessing you are!!! just through these blogs of yours, OMG! can I call you an alchemist?

    Here is what I have been thinking about –
    Ying and yang, there are 2 sides to everything, so if I take people’s ability to make me sad away from them, do I also take away their ability to make me happy? Do I completely disregard to what they say?

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    1. LightRosh Avatar

      Haha! Thank you Guramar. I am glad I am touching you at places you thought didn’t exist. This is why I started the blog. and to your question, yes take away their ability. Why should anyone decide if you can be happy or no? You decide that. If they’re saying something nice to you, take it and appreciate it but then those words they said to you don’t define your happiness. You’re happy irrespective of someone saying something nice to you or no. Don’t disregard them. Give them the due respect but then remember they don’t control your happiness. Lots of Love from Miss Light 🙂

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